with the Dolphins

Our DNA is the template for all that we can become, and we have been. It is a blueprint with infinite potential that can be activated consciously. Dolphins are keeper of the human DNA template and are Masters in recalibrating the human DNA through sounds, vibrations, and healing frequencies. Dolphins teach us, and science is now confirming, that genes do not control our evolution, behaviour, and physiology. Nothing is pre-determined, genes can be switched on and off through consciousness and awareness. In these sessions the Master Dolphins will work with your DNA activating dormant strands of it and helping your DNA to carry more Light. You may experience an accelerated change, growth, and a deeper connection to your Soul.

This process will assist you in moving into higher states of consciousness and in raising your vibration.

These are the 12 DNA Calibrations, also called Layers*:

The Grounding Layers
Layer 1 –The Biological Layer
Layer 2 –Life Lesson Layer
Layer 3 –Ascension and Activation Layer
The Human Divine Layers
Layer 4 –Your Angelic Name
Layer 5 –Your Angelic Name –Part 2
Layer 6 –Prayer and Communication Layer
The Lemurian Layers
Layer 7 –Your Revealed Divinity
Layer 8 –Wisdom and Responsibility
Layer 9 –Healing
The God Layers
Layer 10 –Divine Belief Layer
Layer 11 –Wisdom of the Divine Feminine
Layer 12 –Almighty Go

*Names of 12 Layers: Ref Kryon.com