As for the whales maintaining a strong group cohesion and communication is essential, for professionals having a solid bond while receiving supervision is equally essential. Supervision gurantees that a professional feels understood, resiliant and safe.

I offer supervision that is engaging, centered on the supervisee’s needs, and focused to enhance self-reflection, self-awareness and the development of skills and knowledge.  I incorporate psychological practices including Existential Client-Centered Therapy, a vast range of self actualisation techniques including mindfulness and Systemic Therapy approaches to work with the supervisee.

I place a strong emphasis on the self when working with the supervisee to set personal goals for professional development. I currently provide supervision to individuals who work in cross cultural mental health, drug and alcohol, family support, mental health and child and adolescent mental health settings. Supervision is tailored to meet the specific needs of the person.


I offer:

  • An emotionally safe environment

  • Confidentiality

  • Celebration of ‘good’ practice

  • Guided reflection on practice

  • Discussion surrounding ethical dilemmas

  • Debriefing mechanisms to off-load stress

  • Exploration of useful strategies to improve practice

  • Problem solving strategies

  • Decision-making processes

  • Conflict management/resolution techniques

  • Promotion of self-care

  • Career development

  • Coaching to ‘stretch’ towards full potential

  • Wellbeing and Mental Health support

  • Work/Life balance concerns

Supervision is offered individually via Zoom in English, Spanish, French and Italian.