“When I met Paola I felt like her, equal and empowered around my situation where I once felt meek like a mouse, I felt feeling like I was a strong woman worthy to take the wheel of life and stear. Paola identified my problems in a succinct way that was clear and made it easy to see a way I could approach them to work through them. I can only sing her praises, Paola is awesome at what she does” ~ Geri (NZ).

“I’m grateful to the Creator, Cetacean beings and Paola for this work in taking me deep into myself and the choice to remember and align. Paola had a wonderful energy and the whole experience helped me a great deal and was very restorative” ~Lela.

“Our journey with Paola was powerful. She guided our process through a set of techniques that helped us to open our hearts and to trust our feelings and our love in a more truthful manner. We highly recommend her work and her guidance to overcome any emotional challenge”~ Daniel y Laura

“All of the sessions Paola has done with me have been powerful. I have strongly felt the presence of the great whales and dolphins. There were many tears and feeling that layers of density have been lifted. I loved receiving their heartfelt guidance through the channelled messages. Many thanks Paola” ~Alice.

“Paola acted consistently in a very professional manner. She shared all the essential information so that I was prepared and relaxed once the session started. I had the most mystical, beautiful meditation. I am healthier and happier now. On a consistent basis, I go back and look at the material to soothe me, days and weeks after our healing session. I haven’t felt this way in years. My deep love and gratitude for bringing so much healing and love to our planet and connecting the whales and dolphins with us humans.” ~Aline.

“Paola is a very sweet and powerful soul. She helped guide me into a really calm and grounded state in which I could really feel the connection of the whales and dolphins coming through and beaming their loving energy to me. She’s very playful and intuitive like a dolphin and her channeled messages really resonated with me. She’s passionate and joyful about this healing work and I’m grateful to have connected and been able to receive this healing with her and our cetacean family! I highly recommend Paola! ” ~Rafaella Angelica

“I had a deep experiance during the session. So much love and clearity at all levels, so much space for me to express my self, it felt like coming home, I highly recomment Paola as a healer, a bringer of light and love and clearity” ~Liliane Bennewitz

“I had several sessions with Paola and it was a wonderful experience. Paola successfully mediated in helping me connect with the spirits of dolphins and whales and I was positively overwhelmed with the healing meditation. Her professionalism and empathy made the transitional period easy and I really enjoyed the educational power point about the Whales and Dolphins. I strongly recommend this method if you have a love for sentient beings and you wish to heal with their help and support. ~ Kyriaki

“We had sessions with Paola, at the end of the sessions we feel more equipped to deal with the situation. Paola is patient and understanding and her insightful analysis made us feel much more confident with the situation” ~Alan and Dawn


“I had a healing from Paola, a nice, loving, enthusiastic and enlightening lady. Her explanation was good and clear, while she was working out of the Oceanic Field. The dolphins and for me also the whales where working together and brought me in the Oceanic Field. The energy was embrassing, loving, soft but powerful. It gave me a boost in positivity comfort and healing. Healing from the soul and parts of my body. So I am grateful for this beautiful healing. Thank you Paola” ~ Trudi de Vries (The Netherlands)


“At the end of 2019 I received a remote healing session with Whales and Dolphins, facilitated by Paola. I’ve had various types of remote healing sessions in the past, to varying degrees of success, but this one was very different. I could actually feel what was going on as she described it to me, and the beings were so incredibly soothing and supportive.
Later that day I had a potentially stressful situation come up and immediately I felt the whales and dolphins surround me and the whole incident was diffused calmly! It was incredible! I love that this beautiful healing has such a practical use in day to day life. Paola is very skilled and has a strong connection to the cetaceans she works with, which comes across in her work. Thank you Paola, and the whales and dolphins” ~Wendy Peacock (Yorkshire, England)