“When I met Paola I felt like her, equal and empowered around my situation where I once felt meek like a mouse, I felt feeling like I was a strong woman worthy to take the wheel of life and stear. Paola identified my problems in a succinct way that was clear and made it easy to see a way I could approach them to work through them. I can only sing her praises, Paola is awesome at what she does” ~ Geri (NZ).


I followed therapy with Paola online in 2021 and I really benefited from it. Paola is friendly, it was very easy to trust her. She really understood my mind/thought process to another level and helped with getting rid of old habits and patterns. When we decided it was time to end the therapy, I was so much clearer about who I was, what I wanted and how to handle situations that can trigger me. Her approach is gentle while being specific and when some exercises don’t work, she finds an alternative very fast. I would recommend Paola Therapy Online in a heartbeat. I also did an EMDR therapy with her, and loved it. It’s exhausting but rewarding.~ Juliet

Paola treated me for the PTSD that had been getting worse over several years. Her gentle yet focused approach was perfect for me. It was hard emotional work to unravel the deep-seated trauma but it was manageable with the tools Paola helped me create and use. I am now in a much more settled, calm mental space. I respond and react to life’s challenges with more options and I don’t feel on-edge. Brilliant! Paola is a lovely, lively, cheerful and encouraging person. She is a delight to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough. ~ PML

“I started working with Paola Montanaro a few months ago, after having lived the most traumatic experience of my life. In my inexperience I was very skeptical and arrogant about it, believing that I would never need such help. But the truth is that now I am sure that I could not be well without therapy, and without the professional help of Paola. She is a very attentive and welcoming professional, with great vocation and knowledge. She can guide you towards answers and recovery in the best possible way. Through her experience and guidance, I was able to begin to solve every single problem that caused me the trauma. Her methods are avant-garde, personalized and careful, and they are totally oriented to your recovery. I recommended her a lot and everyone was very happy with her. I have no doubt of her great abilities as a psychologist, and I know she can help you, so contact her if you need to.” ~Jorge.

“Paola has been of great assistants to me during a very difficult and trying time in my life. Over the last year we have had weekly contact and her methods and advice have helped me to settle back into a normal life.
Thank you Paola” ~Yudy.

“Dear Paola, Thank you for everything you have done for me. When I started with you, I was desperate, burned out and filled with anxiety and anger. My stress levels were through the roof and I had no idea how to sort my life out. You helped me through one of the most difficult times of my adult life, and made me actually like myself again. I’m a better, calmer and more empathetic person thanks to the tools and therapy you provided. I will forever be indebted to you and would highly recommend your expert services to anyone!” ~Chantal

“Our journey with Paola was powerful. She guided our process through a set of techniques that helped us to open our hearts and to trust our feelings and our love in a more truthful manner. We highly recommend her work and her guidance to overcome any emotional challenge”~ Daniel y Laura

“I had several sessions with Paola and it was a wonderful experience. Her professionalism and empathy made my transitional period easy. I strongly recommend her work. ~ Kyriaki

“We had sessions with Paola, at the end of the sessions we feel more equipped to deal with the situation. Paola is patient and understanding and her insightful analysis made us feel much more confident with the situation” ~Alan and Dawn


“I worked wuth Paola, a nice, loving, enthusiastic and enlightening lady. It gave me a boost in positivity comfort and healing. Healing from the soul and parts of my body. So I am grateful for this beautiful experience. Thank you Paola” ~ Trudi de Vries (The Netherlands)


“Paola is a very sweet and powerful person. She helped guide me into a really calm and grounded state. She’s very playful and intuitive like a dolphin and her work really resonated with me. She’s passionate and joyful about this  work and I’m grateful to have connected and been able to receive it! I highly recommend Paola! ” ~Rafaella Angelica