There are moments in life when we need to walk our talk to be able to swim our dream, and other moments when, if we do not swim our dream, we cannot walk our talk. Isn’t it tricky?

Knowing what we want and put it into practice every day, even if we have to go through frustration and challenges, rewards us with the ability to create and live our dreams. Nevertheless, sometimes, we feel uninspired and only the fresh breeze of finally living a long dreamt experience, can unlock a situation of stagnation and create the needed change to go forward on our evolutionary path. I have learnt that both aspects of the journey are vital to embody our true self and live fulfilling and inspired lives.

When I started to actively put in practice the values that were vital for me on a theoretical level, everything changed. For example, once I fully embraced Veganism and committed to it, I started to live a much healthier life on many levels. I felt more vital, lighter, more energetic and at peace with nature. It was difficult at the beginning to stick to the new routine, I had to learn new recipes and new way of nourishing my body, but I knew that it was the right decision for my wellbeing. Now that my body is acquainted, eating vegan feels natural and organic and I would not go back to my old diet.
Which value or habit would you like to fully embody, but you hadn’t the determination to stick to at 100%? You can start to do it today. Engage in your choices fully and proudly embody them. Because action is the driving engine of creating our reality, we can either take action following unconscious patterns and old beliefs, hence live a life created «by default» from a space of unconsciousness, or actively start to embody our preferred values and habit and experience a life that makes us happy and fulfilled.

Swimming in the dreamy waters of inspiration is equally vital for our growth. People are often conditioned in their projects by society, instilled values or conditioning. Taking time to contemplate where your heart leads you, gives us a glimpse of our higher mission as humans and infuses our daily life with joy and enthusiasm, giving us the courage to face even the most challenging situations. There was a moment in my life when I didn’t know what my heart desired, my intuition was buried under tons of conditioned thoughts, beliefs and automatic patterns. Once I took the time to listen deeply to my inspiration, I found dreams that seemed completely out of reach and that I felt would lead only to failure and deception if I attempted to reach them in the short term. But dreaming is free and acting upon it finally builds up momentum. Before we can even realize it, we are living that same dreams that we envisioned.
In my case, I started dreaming about swimming with cetaceans in 2012 and since then, I spent almost a decade being able to fulfil that dream consistently. And it seems that it is still building up to something even bigger, which makes my heart sing! The state of joy that the dream creates in us can lead our action to live inspired, and the courage to live by our integrity does the rest!

Walk your talk and Swim your dream, means to embody your highest values and to live following your heart.
The best version of yourself is much needed in this moment in time.

Whalecome to the journey!