Paola Montanaro holds a Master in Clinical Psychology, she is registered in Spain as a Systemic Psychotherapist (FEAP), in NZ as a Counsellor (NZAC provisional member), she is a Certified Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Medicine Healer (by Laurie Reyon) and a Certified WCA Marine Guide. Finally, she has been initiated to the Seal of the Child by Mauta Kumara (Huna Flash) Healer of the First LIght, Maori Shaman, born of the ancient navigator bloodlines of New Zealand. She has received her identifying frequency signature as Huna Ta Ha Pa.

Born in Italy, she has worked as a psychotherapist with both adults and children across several countries in Europe and in New Zealand. Her passion for whales and dolphins takes her around the world to swim and learn from these ancient creatures and master healers. Through the cetacean experience, she offers Energetic Healing sessions for personal growth.

Nature, animals, indigenous traditions and human relationships fascinate her.

With 15 years of experience delivering therapy in four languages, she helps her clients bring into form real changes for enlightened lives.