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Walk Your Talk – Swim Your Dream https://wearethewhales.com Traditional Psychotherapy and Cetacean Healing Medicine Mon, 27 Apr 2020 02:09:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.5.1 https://wearethewhales.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/cropped-logoviolet512x512-32x32.png Walk Your Talk – Swim Your Dream https://wearethewhales.com 32 32 To see or not to see, this is the question! https://wearethewhales.com/to-see-or-not-to-see-this-is-the-question/ https://wearethewhales.com/to-see-or-not-to-see-this-is-the-question/#respond Sun, 26 Apr 2020 07:06:31 +0000 http://wearethewhales.com/?p=576 Expanding awareness, holding the light of compassion.

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Have you noticed that lately a whole new dimension of information is available to our eyes? Not all eyes, though, only the eyes that can see. The people that are now able to see, are called at this moment in time to use they discernment, love and compassion to wisely share this information with others and spread awareness on earthly topic like politics, economy, health, children, extraterrestrial contact and other truths that have been hidden in plain sight from the general public for centuries (and more)

Now: to see or not see, this is the question.

Because if we dwell upon the astonishing news that are now starting to leak at an increasingly fast pace, we risk to become part of that momentum, we risk to be sucked in and become part of that same destructive energy. At the same time, if we ignore the truth that is screaming in front of our eyes to be acknowledged, to keep our vibration high and positive, we are not providing space for these atrocities to heal and we are adding force to these energies through denial.

How can we digest horrific realities without being caught in fear and drama? At the same time, how can we be solely concentrating on our high vibe and well being while ignoring the suffering of our human brothers, sisters, children and of the entire Earth? I find this epistemology paradox extremely fascinating and I have spent some weeks now studying it.

As usual, as we start the ball rolling, the universe joins the quest on its end to meet us half way. I feel deeply grateful while I access our collective consciousness and see that other people are studying exactly the same topic. As a result, several YouTube videos, classes, conversations, webinars and books have synchronisitcally manifested in my matrix to help me find a clear vision to the question: how to navigate these extremely interesting and exciting times fulfilling our human role with responsibility, compassion and keeping the vibes high, all at the same time.

I noticed that taking a higher perspective to grasp the sense of the subject was necessary. Asking questions like: Who are the bad guys, the dark lords perpetrating bad deeds on the half-asleep humanity? Why do they operate? Which is the sense of this invisible war that is going on under our feet?

A concept that I have been aware of since some time, is now becoming even more compelling: the darkness is here only to show us the light that we are, like in a game. As we all know, a candle shines much brighter in the pitch black than in the sunlight. So, what if these sanguinairies are playing a role on the stage of our physical reality only to wake us up, to elicit our response as conscious human beings that stand bold and firm and say «NO, we don’t agree with all these atrocities, this is not what we want for humanity and our children!». What if the dark lords are there to show us the level of compassion that we are, when we are able to forgive them no matter the level of atrocity that they have reached?

To be able to do this, we have to fully acknowledge what is in front of us. We cannot turn our eyes away, if we want to participate in the healing of the wound. As the doctor has to clean the wound to see the extent of the damage in order to apply the appropriate remedy, we have to get out of denial and face reality. But there is a thin line between becoming aware of something and becoming entangled with its energy. Feeling compelled by curiosity to know more details, to see more pictures, to have more evidences, is risky. We could easily find ourselves dwelling in the darkness, wondering how far the rabbit hole goes and loosing the sense of our exploration of reality. The rabbit hole could be infinite (and probably is), but isn’t the awareness of it enough to make us state our choice from a place of love/light?

So, if the question «To see or not to see» is asked from that standpoint, the answer becomes crystal clear. We have the responsibility to see, to process the emotions and to gently wake up others who are ready to see the reality that we live in. We owe acknowledgment to all living beings, the people, adults and children, that are suffering, dying and being tortured in horrific ways. At the same time we are here to hold the light for them, to send them love, to say «no» and make sure that it will never happen again. We also have the responsibility to keep our vibration high to be able to hold the vision for the new humanity that will bloom as well as to send love and forgiveness to the perpetrators and to ourselves, for all that we blame ourselves for.

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, today soothed me with his way of putting it: “Those who dwell in fear and darkness, you flow into them your unconditional love and forgiveness, so that it may awaken their inner light, if they so choose. So that they may truly serve all beings on the New Earth you will find yourself upon on the other side of the eye of the needle”.

The TRUTH will set us FREE.



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Shifting into your new you https://wearethewhales.com/shifting-into-your-new-you/ https://wearethewhales.com/shifting-into-your-new-you/#respond Fri, 10 Apr 2020 05:19:36 +0000 http://wearethewhales.com/?p=550 The alchemical merging of our higher selves.

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Lately I’ve been experiencing sudden changes and shifts. I know that this is the result of years of dedication to self development and creating open contact with my higher self, but now that the shift is here it’s an endless wonder. I’m also aware that what happens to me is the reflection of our collective consciousness and that many of us are going through the same adventure.
I will share here below my personal experience of this alchemical process, because sharing is caring!

The shifts feel quantum to me, meaning that it builds up momentum and expresses aferward in a timeline jump, suddenly I find myself in a completely different reality. Or, better expressed, in a completely different perception of reality.

Each timeline jump feels familiar because I have been consciously, and unconsciously, working on it during the previous preparation time. This jumping is not traumatic or puzzling, it is more like a confirmation, a reassuring feeling that I was on the right path, that I’ve been doing exactly what I was meant to do when I was meant to do it.

Now, for example, I’m being bombarded with courses, activations, healing sessions, meditations, books that come into my reality from everywhere. Most of them, have been there all along, but now they ask to be actively done and experienced. Recently, I ended up with a tight daily schedule of self expansion discipline that includes tasks, meditations, journaling and much more. It seems that the slow paced work (or interests) that I have been taking on in the last ten years, now exploded in a flow of tools and upgrading commitments that are asking for my attention and action.

With this flow of opportunities and (higher) self development tools, comes also a heightened degree of discernment. Authors and speakers that I was skeptical about, are now revealing the useful side of their contribution and at the same time their flaws. I’m now able to access what is useful without getting stuck in the useless part of their message. On the other side, the teachers that I was unconditionally following, are revealing aspects that are no more in tune with my perception of reality, and can be finally released.

This discernment is becoming sharper every day, I’m being able to know what I need of a teaching with increased clarity, absorb it and pass on to the next piece of the puzzle. The coming together of the puzzle is no more a craving and exhausting task, but a funny and synchronistic surprise that composes itself in front of my (third) eyes

The most challenging part of the journey for me has always been the visual quests and the communication on the astral level with other beings. at the same time, this is something that has always represented a great excitement. In this period I feel pushed to get involved more and more in this kind of communications, opening up to what fascinates and scares me at the same time: conscious contact with our galactic counterparts and family

Even if I had known for a long time now that I was having unconscious contact with these beings during my Dreamtime, now the moment has come to bring this experience to light, even with all the shadows that it could involve. We have incarnated as positive and negative beings many times and now it is moment to acknowledge all of it: the victim, the aggressor, the rescuer, the dark and the light.

We are in a special moment of our evolution, this is what I feel strongly since 2020 started. Ralph Smart says that 2020 is in reality 2012 (for the records, in Ethiopia it is literally 2012) and I feel exactly that. A time where we can safely shift into the completion of our many lifetimes and finally leave the stage for our higher selves to play the game.

I am amazed at the increasing ability to be my own shaman, my own guru and guide. I have never been a person that needed a master, a teacher or a guru. But I could easily recognize it when I saw one. I have always been eager to learn from them as much as I could. Now the situation has shifted, the ones that are in the position of teachers, instructors, masters and gurus have to pass my own screening system for their teaching to be downloaded and blossom into my field. The time when we venerate the persona of a teacher and whatever he taught is now over. We are our own teachers, masters and gurus and we are shifting into conscious creators. I have heard this concept many times in the past, but living it, is a complete different experience!

This doesn’t mean that we cannot help and provide guidance for our brother and sister that are awakening now. But this mean that we can now provide just the triggers, and the rest will be done by their own system, without the need of further guidance. This opens up a whole new dimension of understanding and practicing healing and therapy. We are no more walking the path with the clients, we now show them the way and the encoding of their DNA will get activated and walk them through it. This makes the process much more fun and exciting for both parties.

This is definitely a time to walk your talk and swim your dream.

Stay well, stay healthy and safe dear friends.

These are exciting times!

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OMG, I’m so bored! https://wearethewhales.com/omg-im-so-bored/ https://wearethewhales.com/omg-im-so-bored/#respond Mon, 30 Mar 2020 05:13:45 +0000 http://wearethewhales.com/?p=541 Boredom: an understanding and an antidote.

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Boredom: an understanding and an antidote.

I remember, when I was a child, the overwhelming feeling of boredom. I would drag myself from room to room, complaining that I had nothing to do, that I was bored and progressively getting angry and triggered. Nowadays, as a therapist, I see this same phenomenon amplified many fold, especially for young people since the introduction of the widely spread «screen entertainment» or device exposure, as I call it

So why do we get bored? What happens in our mind when boredom kicks in?

And I use the term mind on purpose. Because boredom is the domain of the mind

But let’s take a bird’s eye perspective. First of all, as human beings, we have a central organ that is fundamental to drive our lives. Which is the most important organ of our body? Nope, not the brain sorry! It is the HEART. The heart is the main organ that gives us the right guidance of our lives through our intuition. The brain is there to execute the indications of the heart

When we rely on our mind to lead our lives, we start to get sidetracked as the brain is not meant to lead, but to execute, plan and organise the will of the heart. The brain is unconsciously conditioned since birth and it reproduces what is familiar, hence the same conditioning that molded it.

The heart instead cannot be conditioned, it is FREE and the source of infinite inspiration, if a strong connection is created and maintained with it

When we are bored, we feel restless and we are not able to focus our attention on something that is exciting and creating expansion. We feel stuck in the mind with a great deal of unpleasant feeling of wanting. So what do we do most often when faced with this situation? We distract ourselves and take some not inspired action, like eat, play a video game or surf the internet. All activities that will make us feel even more bored, triggered, frustrated and stuck

As you can see, boredom is a state of mind

So how can we get out of boredon and flip the switch of expansion? the answer is: connecting with our HEART.

When a wave of boredom overruns your life situation, stop and take time to sit with it. Feel it deeply, breath in it and let it be in your body. You can even say out aloud: «Boredom you are welcome here». Then Relax into it and open yourself to the messages that the boredom has to deliver you. Connect with your heart through the breath and you’ll receive some information on the reason why this boredom is lingering in your field. That will give you some hints on the next action that you may want to take

Once we connect with our heart, it will guide us toward our interests, goals, motivations and unique expansion. We then start to have intuitions about something that we wanted to explore and we never dared to do, a book that we wanted to read and forgot about, an experience that would make us feel wonderful and so on. And then we act upon it, to the best of our ability without expectation and keeping a positive state of mind (as Bashar teaches!). This will shift our perception to a much more empowered frame of mind, that will also provide inspired steps toward our new exciting projects.

So dear friend: are you feeling bored?

Please, don’t eat that muffin. Don’t play that game.

Sit down instead, take your power back, follow your heart,

recover your enthusiasm and share it in the comments below!

That’s what I did in writing this article and it feels WONDERFUL

Thanks for being there and share the path.



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My vision of the pandemic collective experience, we are having. https://wearethewhales.com/my-vision-of-the-pandemic-collective-experience-we-are-having/ https://wearethewhales.com/my-vision-of-the-pandemic-collective-experience-we-are-having/#comments Thu, 19 Mar 2020 07:24:06 +0000 http://wearethewhales.com/?p=535 We are one in this, altogether with Mother Earth, and WE ROCK!!

The post My vision of the pandemic collective experience, we are having. appeared first on Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream.


In these days, it is inevitable to turn our attention to the biggest need humanity is expressing as a collective: an understanding of the pandemic of covid-19. The level of understanding and the reasons each one of us will look for, differ: some people need to be reassured, some others need to be shaken up to participate in prevention, others need scientific information and others need a bigger picture. But we all as a collective have been put in contact with a common condition and challenge that is creating a real bond and showing us that indeed we are one as humanity and with the planet.

My vision of this pandemic is that it is real ideed, but not in the sense that the media want us to believe. Many notorious virologists and friends that work in the medical staff performing exams to people infected, have already observed that this virus is less contagious and dangerous than the coronavirus SARS appeared in 2002. The fear spread by the media is clearly not justified, and it is highly recommendable not to buy into it, especially because stress, fear and panic decrease the strength of our immune system. It would be much better to stay centered, maintain a realistic attitude and possibly keep enjoying life and taking care of ourselves as much as we can. There is nothing alarming in washing our hands more often, modify our travel schedule and stay at home to enjoy the company of our loved ones. We could even discover a new internal dimension that includes being and not only frantically doing. So, welcome are the prevention measures that are consistent with the real danger and that don’t spread panic.

Nevertheless, when we observe the alarming information and procedures put in place globally, and we compare them with what we experienced in 2002 for a much more dangerous virus, we can clearly see a gigantic difference. As usual, there are reasons behind this massive action of distraction performed by the media, and Brad Johnson explains them in great detail in the video on «The pandemic agenda» in his Youtube channel. Anybody who is interested can search for that episode to explore that information.

But what is interesting for me are not the reasons behind these massive global prevention measures, but their consequences on the collective level of the human consciousness.

We are delighted in seeing countries sending hope messages, songs and sanitary material to other countries. We are witnessing neighbors opening up to communicate in different ways and we feel finally connected to our specie as a global body. We are aware now that we are not separate, that the actions in one corner of the globe are affecting our counterparts on the other side. We are growing awareness of our impact on the land and the sea and realising how the economic infrastructure is in reality a card castle. We are touching with our own hands the fact that our way of consuming is not sustainable, that the way in which food is produced, packed and distributed throughout the globe is irrational and damaging to both the planet and humanity. We are having a unique opportunity to understand that there are no countries, no separations and that our strength as a collective is unbeatable.

The people that are dying in all countries and their families are in our hearts and are receiving a massive influx of love and compassion from both humanity and Gaia. The meaning of these deaths depends on the meaning that each of us attribute to life and death. It is a very intimate belief and a profound individual experience on which no generalisation is possible.

For me covid-19 means a massive heart opening operation and a collective shift in awareness. I’m grateful for this collective experience as a catalyst for greater conscious awareness, connection, love, compassion, generosity and humanity!

We are one in this, altogether with Mother Earth, and WE ROCK!!

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Growth doesn’t come in a comfort zone. https://wearethewhales.com/growth-doesnt-come-in-a-comfort-zone/ https://wearethewhales.com/growth-doesnt-come-in-a-comfort-zone/#respond Tue, 03 Mar 2020 09:33:42 +0000 http://wearethewhales.com/?p=479 Coming out of the cosmic closet.

The post Growth doesn’t come in a comfort zone. appeared first on Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream.


 I’m stretching myself out of my comfort zone and openly share a repressed quality and areas of self-expression that define my character. Being ourself can be a bumpy journey and at times we have to have the courage to get out of the closet and show ourself for what we truly are, overcoming our fears. After all, what could happen? Being labelled as a weird, a woo woo by some and maybe loose connections that were not in alignment anyway with our true self. But the positive effect can be huge, like engage to go even more in our preferred direction, free from the baggages of fear and negative beliefs.

So there I go: as a psychologist and a psychotherapist, I have always kept my passion for extraterrestrials, galactic beings and UFO well separated from my practice and my work place in all possible ways. The idea to share this part of my life and the belief that we are not alone in the cosmos, but actually we are «Sons of the stars» with the public, was terrifying for me. Moreover the only idea to share my love and passion to channel the energies of these beings, cetacean included, would scare me to death. So everything had to be silenced, in front of the fear of being considered not a «real» professional and loose the positive feedbacks that I often received from my work. But actually, many of the extreme positive outcomes that I have with clients in the traditional therapeutic setting are directly related to this quality of being in tune with the «Invisible», of sensing the real needs of the client and letting a higher intelligence operate through me to help my clients. Isn’t that a real paradox? Having to hide one of the sources of my professional accomplishment?

But the time of hiding is over! Here I’m, expressing my true passion and publicly affirming that I’m not only a psychotherapist but an energetic healer and that I channel different energies from the stars and from the oceans to help raise the vibration of my clients and the planet. I believe we come from the stars and ET and other beings of light have always been in connection with us, willing to help us incarnate the real human that we were meant to be. And so it is!

As a testimonial of that, I created this webpage and started practicing this new exciting Cetacean Energy Light Medicine modality. As Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) says: «It is not this OR that but this AND that». So I’m happy to declare that my work reflects both the traditional psychotherapy modality and the cosmic healing modality guided by the «Stars».

And you? Which qualities that are part of your beautiful self are you hiding from the public?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Aroha Nui!


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Walk your talk and swim your dream…what does it really mean? https://wearethewhales.com/walk-your-talk-and-swim-your-dream-what-does-it-really-mean/ https://wearethewhales.com/walk-your-talk-and-swim-your-dream-what-does-it-really-mean/#respond Wed, 26 Feb 2020 05:42:18 +0000 http://wearethewhales.com/?p=460 The path has to be walked and the dream has to be lived.

The post Walk your talk and swim your dream…what does it really mean? appeared first on Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream.


There are moments in life when we need to walk our talk to be able to swim our dream, and other moments when, if we don’t swim our dream, we cannot walk our talk. Isn’t it tricky?

Knowing what we want and put it into practice every day, even if we have to go through frustration and challenges, rewards us with the ability to create and live our dreams. Nevertheless, sometimes, we feel uninspired and only the fresh breeze of finally living a long dreamt experience, can unlock a situation of stagnation and create the needed change to go forward on our path of evolution. I have learnt that both aspects of the journey are vital to embody our true self and live fulfilling and inspired lives.

When I started to actively put in practice the values that were vital for me on a theoretical level, everything changed. For example, once I fully embraced Veganism and committed to it, I started to live a much healthier life on many levels. I felt more vital, lighter, more energetic and at peace with nature. It was difficult at the beginning to stick to the new routine, I had to learn new recipes and new way of nourishing my body, but I knew that it was the right decision for my well being. Now that my body is acquainted, eating vegan feels natural and organic and I wouldn’t go back to my old diet.

Which value or habit would you like to fully embody, but you hadn’t the determination to stick to at 100%? You can start to do it today. Engage in your choices fully and proudly embody them. Because action is the driving engine of creating our reality, we can either take action following unconscious patterns and old beliefs, hence live a life created «by default» from a space of unconsciousness, or actively start to embody our preferred values and habit and experience a life that makes us happy and fulfilled.

Swimming in the dreamy waters of desires and inspiration is equally vital for our growth. People are often conditioned in their projects by society, instilled values or conditioning. Taking time to contemplate what our hearts really desire, gives us a glimpse of our higher mission as humans and infuses our daily life with joy and enthusiasm, giving us the courage to face even the most challenging situations. There was a moment in my life when I didn’t know what my heart desired, my passion was buried under tons of conditioned thoughts, beliefs and automatic patterns. Once I took the time to listen deeply to my inspiration, I found dreams that seemed completely out of reach and that I felt would lead only to failure and deception if I attempted to reach them in the short term. But dreaming is free and acting upon it to the best of our ability, with no expectations on the outcome -as Bashar says- finally builds up momentum. Before we can even realize it, we are living that same dreams that we envisioned. In my case, I started dreaming about swimming with cetaceans in 2012 and since then, I spent these last eight years being able to fulfill that dream consistently. And, it seems that it is still building up to something even bigger, which makes my heart sing! It is the state of being that the dream creates in us and that leads our action, the key to live our dreamlife and much more.

Live from your heart and embody your highest values.

The best version of yourself is much needed in this shared journey.


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Whalecome to our webpage and to this blog! https://wearethewhales.com/whalecome-to-our-webpage-and-to-this-blog/ https://wearethewhales.com/whalecome-to-our-webpage-and-to-this-blog/#respond Sat, 22 Feb 2020 03:20:01 +0000 http://wearethewhales.com/?p=405 How can the energy of the cetaceans be of help to humans?

The post Whalecome to our webpage and to this blog! appeared first on Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream.


As many others, I also have been called to be part of the vast and growing team of healers and therapist that put their expertise to the service of human evolution and its raising in vibration. There are no coincidences, and if you are reading this post it is because you are really meant to be here and dive into this message.

I feel grateful to have the opportunity to work «hand in fin» with the whales and the dolphins of our planet and beyond. It is an honour and a conscious agreement that I took on long before this lifetime.

The question that I’m often asked is: How can the energy of the cetaceans be of help to humans?

I give here some bits of information that could shed some light on our ancient interaction and agreement. Cetaceans are the stewards of the oceans and they are our older brother and sister teaching us how to take care of our environment and become the authentic steward of the Earth, that we were originally meant to be. Care, love and attention to Mother Nature are the keys to a sustainable and joyful life on Earth. Humans are learning this lesson through the tough way, polluting and destroying our own environment. Cetaceans are teaching us how sustainable living can be done easily and in harmony with Gaia.

Cetaceans function in pods and communicate telepathically. They are highly evolved and know that the good of the many is a priority over the good of the individuals. This is another lesson that the humans are struggling to learn, the cetaceans are here to show us the way toward unity consciousness, in peace.

They are ambassadors of love, joy and light. The whales are the Oversoul of the dolphins. In fact, there is a clear difference between their two energies. On one hand, the whales transmit deep peace, inner knowing and majestic transformation. On the other hand, dolphins express the electric glow of joy and playfulness. Both are the incarnation of pure unconditional love. They are on the planet for a very specific reason: To help humanity transmite old patterns, to raise their vibration, to awaken their consciousness and to co-create reality from the heart.

As humans, also cetaceans face challenges and share with us the objective to evolve into their next stage of consciousness, facing sometimes harsh and challenging experiences. Nevertheless, their level of attunement to the cosmic energy is much higher than the one that most humans experience. This makes them our older brothers and sisters, guiding us to navigate our reality in an easier and more loving way.

But even with their loving and inspiring help, the evolutionary journey has to be undergone. And It is at this precise point where our role as cetacean healers comes in.

As probably you have already noticed, there is a growing phenomenon that is taking place on Earth, each day there are more people that feel the strong call to work with the cetacean nation. Some people offer healing sessions, others takes you out on a dolphin swim adventure, others will help you with a cetacean meditation, others may facilitate a whale watching experience and so on.

I like to think of us as a «transitional» team, a half cetacean and half human being group, that has committed to the task of bridging the gap between the human reality and the cetacean universe. All with the same objective: raise the vibration of humanity and co-create a new reality of joy light and love from our heart center.

Some of you will feel particularly drawn to the cetaceans and their healing methods too, while others will gravitate toward other techniques and experiences. That is all well and good. Follow your intuition and choose the best way for you to raise your vibration, increase your consciousness and become the best version of you that you could possibly be.

We are here to help and serve humanity, in Joy Light and Love.

Let’s have fun together!


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