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Growth doesn't come in a comfort zone. - Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream

 I’m stretching myself out of my comfort zone and openly share a repressed quality and areas of self-expression that define my character. Being ourself can be a bumpy journey and at times we have to have the courage to get out of the closet and show ourself for what we truly are, overcoming our fears. After all, what could happen? Being labelled as a weird, a woo woo by some and maybe loose connections that were not in alignment anyway with our true self. But the positive effect can be huge, like engage to go even more in our preferred direction, free from the baggages of fear and negative beliefs.

So there I go: as a psychologist and a psychotherapist, I have always kept my passion for extraterrestrials, galactic beings and UFO well separated from my practice and my work place in all possible ways. The idea to share this part of my life and the belief that we are not alone in the cosmos, but actually we are «Sons of the stars» with the public, was terrifying for me. Moreover the only idea to share my love and passion to channel the energies of these beings, cetacean included, would scare me to death. So everything had to be silenced, in front of the fear of being considered not a «real» professional and loose the positive feedbacks that I often received from my work. But actually, many of the extreme positive outcomes that I have with clients in the traditional therapeutic setting are directly related to this quality of being in tune with the «Invisible», of sensing the real needs of the client and letting a higher intelligence operate through me to help my clients. Isn’t that a real paradox? Having to hide one of the sources of my professional accomplishment?

But the time of hiding is over! Here I’m, expressing my true passion and publicly affirming that I’m not only a psychotherapist but an energetic healer and that I channel different energies from the stars and from the oceans to help raise the vibration of my clients and the planet. I believe we come from the stars and ET and other beings of light have always been in connection with us, willing to help us incarnate the real human that we were meant to be. And so it is!

As a testimonial of that, I created this webpage and started practicing this new exciting Cetacean Energy Light Medicine modality. As Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) says: «It is not this OR that but this AND that». So I’m happy to declare that my work reflects both the traditional psychotherapy modality and the cosmic healing modality guided by the «Stars».

And you? Which qualities that are part of your beautiful self are you hiding from the public?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Aroha Nui!