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My vision of the pandemic collective experience, we are having. - Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream

In these days, it is inevitable to turn our attention to the biggest need humanity is expressing as a collective: an understanding of the pandemic of covid-19. The level of understanding and the reasons each one of us will look for, differ: some people need to be reassured, some others need to be shaken up to participate in prevention, others need scientific information and others need a bigger picture. But we all as a collective have been put in contact with a common condition and challenge that is creating a real bond and showing us that indeed we are one as humanity and with the planet.

My vision of this pandemic is that it is real ideed, but not in the sense that the media want us to believe. Many notorious virologists and friends that work in the medical staff performing exams to people infected, have already observed that this virus is less contagious and dangerous than the coronavirus SARS appeared in 2002. The fear spread by the media is clearly not justified, and it is highly recommendable not to buy into it, especially because stress, fear and panic decrease the strength of our immune system. It would be much better to stay centered, maintain a realistic attitude and possibly keep enjoying life and taking care of ourselves as much as we can. There is nothing alarming in washing our hands more often, modify our travel schedule and stay at home to enjoy the company of our loved ones. We could even discover a new internal dimension that includes being and not only frantically doing. So, welcome are the prevention measures that are consistent with the real danger and that don’t spread panic.

Nevertheless, when we observe the alarming information and procedures put in place globally, and we compare them with what we experienced in 2002 for a much more dangerous virus, we can clearly see a gigantic difference. As usual, there are reasons behind this massive action of distraction performed by the media, and Brad Johnson explains them in great detail in the video on «The pandemic agenda» in his Youtube channel. Anybody who is interested can search for that episode to explore that information.

But what is interesting for me are not the reasons behind these massive global prevention measures, but their consequences on the collective level of the human consciousness.

We are delighted in seeing countries sending hope messages, songs and sanitary material to other countries. We are witnessing neighbors opening up to communicate in different ways and we feel finally connected to our specie as a global body. We are aware now that we are not separate, that the actions in one corner of the globe are affecting our counterparts on the other side. We are growing awareness of our impact on the land and the sea and realising how the economic infrastructure is in reality a card castle. We are touching with our own hands the fact that our way of consuming is not sustainable, that the way in which food is produced, packed and distributed throughout the globe is irrational and damaging to both the planet and humanity. We are having a unique opportunity to understand that there are no countries, no separations and that our strength as a collective is unbeatable.

The people that are dying in all countries and their families are in our hearts and are receiving a massive influx of love and compassion from both humanity and Gaia. The meaning of these deaths depends on the meaning that each of us attribute to life and death. It is a very intimate belief and a profound individual experience on which no generalisation is possible.

For me covid-19 means a massive heart opening operation and a collective shift in awareness. I’m grateful for this collective experience as a catalyst for greater conscious awareness, connection, love, compassion, generosity and humanity!

We are one in this, altogether with Mother Earth, and WE ROCK!!