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OMG, I'm so bored! - Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream

Boredom: an understanding and an antidote.

I remember, when I was a child, the overwhelming feeling of boredom. I would drag myself from room to room, complaining that I had nothing to do, that I was bored and progressively getting angry and triggered. Nowadays, as a therapist, I see this same phenomenon amplified many fold, especially for young people since the introduction of the widely spread «screen entertainment» or device exposure, as I call it

So why do we get bored? What happens in our mind when boredom kicks in?

And I use the term mind on purpose. Because boredom is the domain of the mind

But let’s take a bird’s eye perspective. First of all, as human beings, we have a central organ that is fundamental to drive our lives. Which is the most important organ of our body? Nope, not the brain sorry! It is the HEART. The heart is the main organ that gives us the right guidance of our lives through our intuition. The brain is there to execute the indications of the heart

When we rely on our mind to lead our lives, we start to get sidetracked as the brain is not meant to lead, but to execute, plan and organise the will of the heart. The brain is unconsciously conditioned since birth and it reproduces what is familiar, hence the same conditioning that molded it.

The heart instead cannot be conditioned, it is FREE and the source of infinite inspiration, if a strong connection is created and maintained with it

When we are bored, we feel restless and we are not able to focus our attention on something that is exciting and creating expansion. We feel stuck in the mind with a great deal of unpleasant feeling of wanting. So what do we do most often when faced with this situation? We distract ourselves and take some not inspired action, like eat, play a video game or surf the internet. All activities that will make us feel even more bored, triggered, frustrated and stuck

As you can see, boredom is a state of mind

So how can we get out of boredon and flip the switch of expansion? the answer is: connecting with our HEART.

When a wave of boredom overruns your life situation, stop and take time to sit with it. Feel it deeply, breath in it and let it be in your body. You can even say out aloud: «Boredom you are welcome here». Then Relax into it and open yourself to the messages that the boredom has to deliver you. Connect with your heart through the breath and you’ll receive some information on the reason why this boredom is lingering in your field. That will give you some hints on the next action that you may want to take

Once we connect with our heart, it will guide us toward our interests, goals, motivations and unique expansion. We then start to have intuitions about something that we wanted to explore and we never dared to do, a book that we wanted to read and forgot about, an experience that would make us feel wonderful and so on. And then we act upon it, to the best of our ability without expectation and keeping a positive state of mind (as Bashar teaches!). This will shift our perception to a much more empowered frame of mind, that will also provide inspired steps toward our new exciting projects.

So dear friend: are you feeling bored?

Please, don’t eat that muffin. Don’t play that game.

Sit down instead, take your power back, follow your heart,

recover your enthusiasm and share it in the comments below!

That’s what I did in writing this article and it feels WONDERFUL

Thanks for being there and share the path.