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Shifting into your new you - Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream

Lately I’ve been experiencing sudden changes and shifts. I know that this is the result of years of dedication to self development and creating open contact with my higher self, but now that the shift is here it’s an endless wonder. I’m also aware that what happens to me is the reflection of our collective consciousness and that many of us are going through the same adventure.
I will share here below my personal experience of this alchemical process, because sharing is caring!

The shifts feel quantum to me, meaning that it builds up momentum and expresses aferward in a timeline jump, suddenly I find myself in a completely different reality. Or, better expressed, in a completely different perception of reality.

Each timeline jump feels familiar because I have been consciously, and unconsciously, working on it during the previous preparation time. This jumping is not traumatic or puzzling, it is more like a confirmation, a reassuring feeling that I was on the right path, that I’ve been doing exactly what I was meant to do when I was meant to do it.

Now, for example, I’m being bombarded with courses, activations, healing sessions, meditations, books that come into my reality from everywhere. Most of them, have been there all along, but now they ask to be actively done and experienced. Recently, I ended up with a tight daily schedule of self expansion discipline that includes tasks, meditations, journaling and much more. It seems that the slow paced work (or interests) that I have been taking on in the last ten years, now exploded in a flow of tools and upgrading commitments that are asking for my attention and action.

With this flow of opportunities and (higher) self development tools, comes also a heightened degree of discernment. Authors and speakers that I was skeptical about, are now revealing the useful side of their contribution and at the same time their flaws. I’m now able to access what is useful without getting stuck in the useless part of their message. On the other side, the teachers that I was unconditionally following, are revealing aspects that are no more in tune with my perception of reality, and can be finally released.

This discernment is becoming sharper every day, I’m being able to know what I need of a teaching with increased clarity, absorb it and pass on to the next piece of the puzzle. The coming together of the puzzle is no more a craving and exhausting task, but a funny and synchronistic surprise that composes itself in front of my (third) eyes

The most challenging part of the journey for me has always been the visual quests and the communication on the astral level with other beings. at the same time, this is something that has always represented a great excitement. In this period I feel pushed to get involved more and more in this kind of communications, opening up to what fascinates and scares me at the same time: conscious contact with our galactic counterparts and family

Even if I had known for a long time now that I was having unconscious contact with these beings during my Dreamtime, now the moment has come to bring this experience to light, even with all the shadows that it could involve. We have incarnated as positive and negative beings many times and now it is moment to acknowledge all of it: the victim, the aggressor, the rescuer, the dark and the light.

We are in a special moment of our evolution, this is what I feel strongly since 2020 started. Ralph Smart says that 2020 is in reality 2012 (for the records, in Ethiopia it is literally 2012) and I feel exactly that. A time where we can safely shift into the completion of our many lifetimes and finally leave the stage for our higher selves to play the game.

I am amazed at the increasing ability to be my own shaman, my own guru and guide. I have never been a person that needed a master, a teacher or a guru. But I could easily recognize it when I saw one. I have always been eager to learn from them as much as I could. Now the situation has shifted, the ones that are in the position of teachers, instructors, masters and gurus have to pass my own screening system for their teaching to be downloaded and blossom into my field. The time when we venerate the persona of a teacher and whatever he taught is now over. We are our own teachers, masters and gurus and we are shifting into conscious creators. I have heard this concept many times in the past, but living it, is a complete different experience!

This doesn’t mean that we cannot help and provide guidance for our brother and sister that are awakening now. But this mean that we can now provide just the triggers, and the rest will be done by their own system, without the need of further guidance. This opens up a whole new dimension of understanding and practicing healing and therapy. We are no more walking the path with the clients, we now show them the way and the encoding of their DNA will get activated and walk them through it. This makes the process much more fun and exciting for both parties.

This is definitely a time to walk your talk and swim your dream.

Stay well, stay healthy and safe dear friends.

These are exciting times!