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To see or not to see, this is the question! - Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream

Have you noticed that lately a whole new dimension of information is available to our eyes? Not all eyes, though, only the eyes that can see. The people that are now able to see, are called at this moment in time to use they discernment, love and compassion to wisely share this information with others and spread awareness on earthly topic like politics, economy, health, children, extraterrestrial contact and other truths that have been hidden in plain sight from the general public for centuries (and more)

Now: to see or not see, this is the question.

Because if we dwell upon the astonishing news that are now starting to leak at an increasingly fast pace, we risk to become part of that momentum, we risk to be sucked in and become part of that same destructive energy. At the same time, if we ignore the truth that is screaming in front of our eyes to be acknowledged, to keep our vibration high and positive, we are not providing space for these atrocities to heal and we are adding force to these energies through denial.

How can we digest horrific realities without being caught in fear and drama? At the same time, how can we be solely concentrating on our high vibe and well being while ignoring the suffering of our human brothers, sisters, children and of the entire Earth? I find this epistemology paradox extremely fascinating and I have spent some weeks now studying it.

As usual, as we start the ball rolling, the universe joins the quest on its end to meet us half way. I feel deeply grateful while I access our collective consciousness and see that other people are studying exactly the same topic. As a result, several YouTube videos, classes, conversations, webinars and books have synchronisitcally manifested in my matrix to help me find a clear vision to the question: how to navigate these extremely interesting and exciting times fulfilling our human role with responsibility, compassion and keeping the vibes high, all at the same time.

I noticed that taking a higher perspective to grasp the sense of the subject was necessary. Asking questions like: Who are the bad guys, the dark lords perpetrating bad deeds on the half-asleep humanity? Why do they operate? Which is the sense of this invisible war that is going on under our feet?

A concept that I have been aware of since some time, is now becoming even more compelling: the darkness is here only to show us the light that we are, like in a game. As we all know, a candle shines much brighter in the pitch black than in the sunlight. So, what if these sanguinairies are playing a role on the stage of our physical reality only to wake us up, to elicit our response as conscious human beings that stand bold and firm and say «NO, we don’t agree with all these atrocities, this is not what we want for humanity and our children!». What if the dark lords are there to show us the level of compassion that we are, when we are able to forgive them no matter the level of atrocity that they have reached?

To be able to do this, we have to fully acknowledge what is in front of us. We cannot turn our eyes away, if we want to participate in the healing of the wound. As the doctor has to clean the wound to see the extent of the damage in order to apply the appropriate remedy, we have to get out of denial and face reality. But there is a thin line between becoming aware of something and becoming entangled with its energy. Feeling compelled by curiosity to know more details, to see more pictures, to have more evidences, is risky. We could easily find ourselves dwelling in the darkness, wondering how far the rabbit hole goes and loosing the sense of our exploration of reality. The rabbit hole could be infinite (and probably is), but isn’t the awareness of it enough to make us state our choice from a place of love/light?

So, if the question «To see or not to see» is asked from that standpoint, the answer becomes crystal clear. We have the responsibility to see, to process the emotions and to gently wake up others who are ready to see the reality that we live in. We owe acknowledgment to all living beings, the people, adults and children, that are suffering, dying and being tortured in horrific ways. At the same time we are here to hold the light for them, to send them love, to say «no» and make sure that it will never happen again. We also have the responsibility to keep our vibration high to be able to hold the vision for the new humanity that will bloom as well as to send love and forgiveness to the perpetrators and to ourselves, for all that we blame ourselves for.

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, today soothed me with his way of putting it: “Those who dwell in fear and darkness, you flow into them your unconditional love and forgiveness, so that it may awaken their inner light, if they so choose. So that they may truly serve all beings on the New Earth you will find yourself upon on the other side of the eye of the needle”.

The TRUTH will set us FREE.