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Whale and dolphin Energy light medicine - Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream

Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Medicine.


I honour the connection with the cetacean nation that brought you to this magical space of transformation.

In this section you will find information on this sacred healing modality that can  assist you with core level healing and in creating the desired deep changes that you are seeking for your life.

Our teachers Laurie Reyon and Master cat Puddah teach us that the Whales and Dolphins are the most ancient and spiritually advanced Souls on our planet. The cetacean nation tells us that it is time to upgrade our systems and make a conscious quantum shift within our own operating systems. The Overlighting presence of the Soul of the Whales and Dolphins come to us when we ask, and they respond to our intentions to heal and expand our consciousness.


We offer a very special HEALING Session where we assist the clients in serve their Soul’s progression and evolution. Setting their INTENTIONS for change and healing in their lives.  We use DEEP WHALE SOUNDS and our inter-dimensional crystals to realign your chakras and energy fields. We then spin the lower energies out of the physical, mental and etheric bodies assisted by the great Cetaceans and we enter the Whale Merkabah.  We assist YOU in clearing past Contracts & Agreements that no longer serve your Soul’s progression and evolution.

Realms of clearing include: Personal, Family, Planetary, Solar, Galactic and Cosmic or Universal.  Toxins and old memories are removed that are embedded in your DNA that are potentially blocking you from living daily in Joy, Happiness, Success, Love and Self-Empowerment!  As the Whale Merkaba envelops you and you enter the Violet Flame, lower, dissonant or negative energies are removed.  You are then infused and restored with inter-dimensional White Golden and Rainbow Light from the Divine guided by the Angelics and the Great Whale.  It is a masterful time during this session to set and state your intentions in your personal life.

2. LIGHT BODY ACTIVATIONS with the White Whales & DNA CALIBRATION with the Dolphins

The Dolphin and Whale Energy Medicine – LIGHT BODY ACTIVATIONS create a Crystalline Matrix in the human form, activating dormant DNA and allowing the human to carry more Light, thus preparing them for Ascension.

During these sessions the Cetaceans and Beings of Light access your Akashic Records and your original Soul Divine Life Blueprint. This exists within the matrix of the grid systems of the Earth. Your records also exist within the water molecules of Earth’s oceans, and can easily be accessed by Whales and Dolphins who are stewards for humanity. This work offers you an opportunity to access your original state of existence.

The service Includes a Powerpoint Presentation of the entire process with pictures and a recording of your session. We suggest a 1½ hour session for those wanting to experience the activation for the first time. Sessions are held online, via Zoom, and in English.