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Whalecome to our webpage and to this blog! - Walk Your Talk - Swim Your Dream

As many others, I also have been called to be part of the vast and growing team of healers and therapist that put their expertise to the service of human evolution and its raising in vibration. There are no coincidences, and if you are reading this post it is because you are really meant to be here and dive into this message.

I feel grateful to have the opportunity to work «hand in fin» with the whales and the dolphins of our planet and beyond. It is an honour and a conscious agreement that I took on long before this lifetime.

The question that I’m often asked is: How can the energy of the cetaceans be of help to humans?

I give here some bits of information that could shed some light on our ancient interaction and agreement. Cetaceans are the stewards of the oceans and they are our older brother and sister teaching us how to take care of our environment and become the authentic steward of the Earth, that we were originally meant to be. Care, love and attention to Mother Nature are the keys to a sustainable and joyful life on Earth. Humans are learning this lesson through the tough way, polluting and destroying our own environment. Cetaceans are teaching us how sustainable living can be done easily and in harmony with Gaia.

Cetaceans function in pods and communicate telepathically. They are highly evolved and know that the good of the many is a priority over the good of the individuals. This is another lesson that the humans are struggling to learn, the cetaceans are here to show us the way toward unity consciousness, in peace.

They are ambassadors of love, joy and light. The whales are the Oversoul of the dolphins. In fact, there is a clear difference between their two energies. On one hand, the whales transmit deep peace, inner knowing and majestic transformation. On the other hand, dolphins express the electric glow of joy and playfulness. Both are the incarnation of pure unconditional love. They are on the planet for a very specific reason: To help humanity transmite old patterns, to raise their vibration, to awaken their consciousness and to co-create reality from the heart.

As humans, also cetaceans face challenges and share with us the objective to evolve into their next stage of consciousness, facing sometimes harsh and challenging experiences. Nevertheless, their level of attunement to the cosmic energy is much higher than the one that most humans experience. This makes them our older brothers and sisters, guiding us to navigate our reality in an easier and more loving way.

But even with their loving and inspiring help, the evolutionary journey has to be undergone. And It is at this precise point where our role as cetacean healers comes in.

As probably you have already noticed, there is a growing phenomenon that is taking place on Earth, each day there are more people that feel the strong call to work with the cetacean nation. Some people offer healing sessions, others takes you out on a dolphin swim adventure, others will help you with a cetacean meditation, others may facilitate a whale watching experience and so on.

I like to think of us as a «transitional» team, a half cetacean and half human being group, that has committed to the task of bridging the gap between the human reality and the cetacean universe. All with the same objective: raise the vibration of humanity and co-create a new reality of joy light and love from our heart center.

Some of you will feel particularly drawn to the cetaceans and their healing methods too, while others will gravitate toward other techniques and experiences. That is all well and good. Follow your intuition and choose the best way for you to raise your vibration, increase your consciousness and become the best version of you that you could possibly be.

We are here to help and serve humanity, in Joy Light and Love.

Let’s have fun together!